Over the years, elections in Nigeria have been marred by cases of electoral malpractices such as ballot box snatching, inducing voters with money, violence e.t.c. Sadly, most cases go unreported and the perpetrators are not brought to justice.

In order to curb this ugly trend, EiE encourages voters to turn into election observers.

Independent citizen observers can report incidents from various polling units across Nigeria to the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room, of which EiE is also a member. They can also tag EiE on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram – @EiENigeria

Protecting your votes starts on the day of the election and continues throughout the tenure of elected officials. Citizens are to engage their elected officials on the promises made in their manifestos. The ‘governor’ must be accountable to the ‘governed’.

First step of “Protect” is to ensure your vote counts on election day!

Stay vigilant and if possible, be at your polling unit during vote counting to ensure the results are reflective of votes cast.

Be alert!


Visit shineyoureye to keep an eye on elected officials that represent you at all tiers of government an connect with them.

Voting in Lagos?

Please contact the following Hotlines if you have questions, concerns, or issues with the voting process!

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