On election day, you can only vote for a candidate who has been chosen by his/her political party through primaries or other channels. To participate in the choice of candidates, you would have to join a political party.

Don’t vote for a candidate you do not know anything about!

Read about their plans and promises and ask questions about their plans.

  • Have they shown competence & capacity to manage people and resources?
  • Do they have the character to serve as public servants?
  • Do they have the courage to take difficult decisions?
  • Can they engage the people they serve with compasion?
  • If a candidate is running again, what did they do before? Did they deliver on their previous promises? Are they accessible?

In a democracy, the major power we have with elected officials is our ability to vote them out for non-performance.

EIE hosts debates to provide a platform for citizens to listen to candidates and engage them on their promises and plans.

Look out for an EIE debate! here.

An important part of our RSVP campaign is selecting credible candidates. EiE Nigeria is committed to organizing youth-focused debates that would enable engagement with electoral candidates.