Dear Active Citizen,

Once you turn 18, you are eligible to register and vote in Nigeria.

Are you ready for the 2023 general elections? You can register to vote!

The Continuous Voters’ Registration (CVR) exercise has been made easy with an online platform to capture your data after which you are scheduled for biometric capture at an INEC office close to you. 

For citizens without access to the internet, visit INEC state and local government offices nationwide for your physical registration.

Your PVC is an important tool to fix Nigeria, ensure you have it, and encourage your family, friends & acquaintances to do the same.


Why should you register?

If you are not registered, you cannot vote and others will determine who represents your community, LG, state and country on issues that matter to you.

Visit to start your online registration or visit an INEC designated center – for physical registration.

To confirm your registration, you can check online – 

If you can’t find your name, register again on the INEC CVR portal or do physical registration at INEC designated centers.

Your VIN No is the number on the top-right of your Temporary Voters Card (TVC) or Permanent Voters Card (PVC)



Tips For New Voters

Register where you plan to vote on election day and ensure it is close to you.